An ideal experience tells a story. It can take a person on a journey, express ideas, elicit emotions and reveal knowledge. LHSA+DP passionately believes this. It informs everything we do. Through our intensely collaborative process – LISTEN. LEARN. DISTILL. CREATE. – we find the stories worth telling.



Design begins with a conversation. We work closely with each client to immerse ourselves in their unique situation and to discover the mission, core values, themes, topics and audiences at the heart of their project.



Once the essential components of the project are established, we conduct multidisciplinary research to find relevant and resonant associations that will inform our deeper understanding and our specific development path.



Based on a broad analysis of all project parameters, design begins. Through intensive team brainstorming and focused concept development, we compose the project’s unique story.



This storyline enlightens every design decision. From preliminary concept design studies, spatial configuration, the strategic use of materials, and development of interpretive strategies and media to the refinement of design details and construction techniques, all features are integrated to contribute to the greater narrative.


For us, giving form and imparting meaning become intrinsically intertwined. We unearth a project’s DNA, designing from the inside out. The result is a highly individualized and authentic experience. Each project has its own story to tell, in its own unique way.


No design stamp.


No formulaic style.



Site Selection, Site Planning + Design
Architectural Programming
Interviews + Focus Groups
Architectural Building Design
Architectural Renovation + Expansion
Interior Architectural Design
Project Management


Interpretive Master Planning
Architectural Master Planning
Institutional Master Planning


Content Research + Development
Script Development
Educational Programming
Interviews + Focus Groups
Exhibit Design
Evaluation + Prototyping
Project Management
Fabrication + Installation Supervision


Exhibit Graphic Design
Print Design
Identity Design
Architectural Signage + Wayfinding Design
Web Design