the bishop's basilica, plovdiv

The Bishop’s Basilica: Revealing Layers of Bulgarian History

All photos courtesy of The America for Bulgaria Foundation


SKOLNICK is collaborating with two Bulgarian firms on the design of a new visitor center for the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The archaeological site dates back to Antiquity, revealing multiple layers of Bulgarian history including remarkable 4th to 6th century Roman mosaics from the grand Basilica.


plovdiv, bulgaria, basilica


The colorful and well-preserved mosaics cover approximately 2,000 square feet of the site in two layers and depict vivid imagery of flora and fauna, Christian iconography, and intricate geometric patterns. The Center aims to conserve, restore, display, and protect the cultural heritage of the Basilica, some of which is still being excavated.


plovdiv, bulgaria, basilica


Working with local architects Zoom Studio of Sofia and Atelier Duo of Plovdiv, SKOLNICK is consulting on the architectural design of the new Center and leading interpretive planning and exhibit design for the visitor experience, which will include exhibits, interactive components, and graphics, as well as an exterior plaza and walkways throughout the site. The facility will be a living, working site, with active archaeological work ongoing even as visitors are walking through.




The America for Bulgaria Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the market economy and institutions of democratic society in Bulgaria, is joined by the Municipality of Plovdiv, the Ministry of Culture, and the national government in supporting the archaeological work and the design and construction of the visitor center which will highlight Bulgarian history.




plovdiv basilica


Nancy Schiller, President of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, says that “This project, in conjunction with the status of Plovdiv being named a European Capital of Culture, will bring the world’s attention to this beautiful, historic, and culturally important city.”





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