By Lee H. Skolnick, FAIA


Wow!  What a bizarre experience to be celebrating our fortieth year amidst the turmoil and angst of 2020. Nothing prepared any of us for what we have all had to confront and adapt to.  On the other hand, looking back on the past year has motivated us to reflect on where we’ve been, what is important to us, and how we want to move forward into the future.  So, in a certain sense, there might not have been a more opportune time to be reminded of the struggles and triumphs, the highs and lows, and the intensive learning that has characterized our four-decade evolution.


projects by skolnick


We hope that for you the past few months of  peeks that we have provided into what makes us tick, what we have learned, and how we continually evolve to try to make sense of it all has piqued the curiosity of you, our colleagues and old and new friends.   We are grateful to you for your support, your creativity, and your generous collaborative spirit.  And, hopefully, by our organizing of projects and activities into the spheres of LIVE, WORK, LEARN and PLAY we have made it understandable that we sought to  represent that our work embraces all aspects of life rather than as a means and an intention to separate them.


projects by skolnick


We thank you for joining us on this intrepid journey.  And as we reflect on an amazing 40-year run of excitement, revelation, and creative fulfillment, we feel a tremendous surge of energy and impatience to re-double our efforts to reach new heights of enlightenment, joy, empowerment, and epiphany. We look forward to joining with our treasured friends to tackle the next generation of design challenges and to the prospect of forging new creative alliances.  Stay tuned for the future; it’s already begun!