Ani Villas

Ani Villas

Little Bay, Anguilla, BWI


SKOLNICK’s architecture portfolio ranges from intimate spaces to international destinations, each a reflection of the unique mission, vision, and program of our client. From the creation of new buildings to historic preservation to adaptive reuse and renovation, we are driven by sustainable design practices and an interpretive approach that embeds a story into every project. 


The Center of Hope

Jerusalem, Israel


Master Planning is a hallmark of SKOLNICK’s projects in both architecture and exhibit design. Through workshops and charettes with clients and community stakeholders, content and market research, audience evaluation, and site analysis we develop a strategic roadmap for realizing your vision that is grounded by your goals, objectives, and aspirations. 

royal alberta children's gallery

Children’s Gallery


Edmonton, Alberta, CA


SKOLNICK’s exhibit designs span the globe, engaging diverse audiences through meaningful storytelling and memorable experiences. We have developed permanent, traveling, and temporary exhibits for a wide array of clients including art, history, and children’s museums, science and technology centers, corporate businesses, and visitor centers.